Our Partnerships

1.   Financial Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (MCX)

Since May, 2009 we are partnering with Financial Technologies for one of their significant CSO programmes i.e. “Khushi Ki Kiran”.  We are very grateful to the company for selecting Ashadeep Association as one of the beneficiary organisations under the programme.  The contribution made by the employees of Financial Technologies is praiseworthy as it is helping us to provide the children with a decent life.


2.   Parle Products

Parle Products have continued with their kind support for the children of Ashadeep.    We are very thankful to Parle Products for providing our children with the delicious Biscuits every month since June, 2008.


3.   ISKCON (Food for Life)

ISKCON continues to provide food for the children, under their “Food for Life” programme. 


4.   Hotel Ambassador Flight Kitchen

Our children regularly get delicious food and fruits, which they relish.  This is made possible due to the kindness of Hotel Ambassador Flight Kitchen for more than 26 years.

5.   J. J. Hospital Nursing Association

Our children have a great time at the J. J. Hospital Nursing Association’s Holiday Camp.  Their green and huge premises, play grounds, swimming pool, gardens and the beach, are all unforgettable for our children.  We are thankful to the trust and all its members for providing their premises and taking care of our children since 1983.  Our sincere thanks to Mr. Rashied Taleyarkhan for his graciousness.


6.   SNJ Trust 

      We are thankful to Mrs. Neena Julka and all the members of SNJ Trust for their financial support for notebooks for the students.  Our heartfelt thanks the Trust for continuing the sponsorship for 2 students for their second year ITI training at Lalji Mehrotra Technical Institute, Jogeshwari, Mumbai.


7.   Bro. Manuel Ministries (Guidance and Counseling)

We are thankful to Bro. Manuel Ministries for their kind support and help in Guiding and Counselling many of our children and families and helping them gain inner strength and confidence.


8.   Puma Company

For the last 2 years Puma Company is providing sports shoes and T-Shirts for the children of Ashadeep Association.